Several years ago, certain experienced swimming pool professionals identified with the community association’s need for a specific style of swimming pool service.

This special need was identified as the desire for a professional, year-round, full-service swimming pool company, specifically designed to service community facilities-- a company that understood the numerous special requirements and complexity of larger than backyard swimming pools and equipment. A company with trained professionals who provide all-encompassing service such as maintenance, service, repairs, equipment and supplies, as well as lifeguarding, attendants, and management services.

Questions came to mind: During that brief summer season, why should communities with 100+ families wait for service to their community pool while a backyard pool is being attended to first? Why should these communities struggle with the frustration, inexperience, and expenses from numerous contractors and continual repairs?

The answer was created in 1994: Apollo Aquatics, Inc.

Associations continue to recognize the improved and worry-free service provided from this pool company specializing in association community pools. The logic and benefits of employing specialists of many given areas (i.e. auto, medical, legal, etc.) are proven to provide the best quality of service available. That is why Apollo strictly specializes in these needs. Our philosophy of a “Single Company Approach” provides total accountability regarding your overall swim season and swimming pool facility investment.

Our mission statement is “To be the Premier full-service commercial swimming pool service and management company in the Denver Metro area”.


When contracted with Apollo you may be eligible to receive special additional services and savings not provided by other pool companies. We provide exclusive and individual guarantees on our services, some of which can be extended beyond customary, original, and manufacturers warranties. We offer discounts and special pricing, as well as priority service for property management companies with multiple properties and renewed contract clients.


- Lifeguards/Attendants
- Full Service Maintenance (including Openings and Winterizations)
- Swim Lessons


- Daily
- Weekly
- Seasonal/Year-Round
- Early/Extended
- Indoor/Outdoor
- Specific & Special Requirements


- Chemicals
- Maintenance Equipment
- Janitorial
- Covers
- Safety Equipment


- Water Features
- Plumbing Requirements
- Electrical Requirements
- General Facility Repairs
- Portable Spas

Thank you for your time and interest in Apollo Aquatics, Inc. We welcome the opportunity to be your exclusive pool company, please feel free to contact us as we look forward to discussing your individual facility needs.


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