Apollo Aquatics, Inc. offers comprehensive swimming lessons for every age and ability to our contract clientele patrons. From group swimming classes, to semi-private and private lessons, Apollo Aquatics, Inc. has a customized program to meet individual needs.

The Apollo Aquatics, Inc. Aqua Program is similar to the Swim America and American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim programs.

The Aqua Program Group Lesson program is designed for the group-based learner. Each student progresses through each level while developing specific skills needed to meet each specific level requirements.

Students can start as early as six months of age in the Infant classes where water experience, locomotion and comfort is developed. Progression through the nine different levels in the Group Lessons program will take any swimmer through the ability of swimming across a pool with recognizable stroke development and the comfort of being in the water independently

Semi-Private and Private Lessons are also offered as part of the Apollo Aquatics Aqua Program. These lessons are smaller in size, intensive, and are scheduled by appointment. Semi-Private and Private Lessons are for children that need more individualized classes, for children that tend to learn slower or faster than the Group Lessons pace, children that require more challenging lesson plans, and for parents that desire the convenience of choosing their times and days for their children’s lessons.

Adult based classes are also available. Adult classes are designed for people 18 years and up that are seeking to build a foundation for fundamental water skills and critique competitive strokes for triathlons and Masters Swim Programs.

Our clients appreciate the special time our experienced instructors take with each student and their specific needs. Bringing out the best in each individual also requires a feeling of enthusiasm, enjoyment, and progress. Caring, sincerity, and attention to detail are some of the qualities you will receive from Apollo instructors.

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